Announcing our EMR System

In our efforts to continue offering the best care possible for our patients, Fox Valley Medical Associates is pleased to announce that we will resume the use of an electronic medical record (EMR), effective June 9, 2014.  We will be transitioning key activities from paper to electronic management with a wide range of capabilities including electronic lab order management, continuation of ePrescribing, clinical documentation and document management.  The EMR will allow physicians the ability to access patient information anytime, anywhere.

With the EMR system our clinicians can:

  • Order laboratory tests and receive results electronically
  • Write prescriptions and manage medications electronically
  • Create radiology orders and, receive radiology results electronically
  • Document a full patient encounter
  • Scan/Import and manage paper documents, electronically
  • Record and track patient demographics, history and health status
  • Connect with our patients through a secure patient portal
  • Send clinical information to a patient’s personal health record (PHR)
  • Securely share a patient’s health information across the medical community

Check back in with us soon for updates to see how our new EMR system will allow us to stay connected with you using a secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal.


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